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Book Jacket for "Bird Songs from Around the World" NEW from Chronicle Books:

Bird Songs from Around the World

The follow-up to last year's bestseller, Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song

A Great Gift for the Holidays!

Edited by Les Beletsky
8-3/8 x 10-3/4 in; 368 pp ; 250 color images
Hardcover; ISBN 1932855416

Praise for Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song by Les Beletsky (2006):

"Sweet music for serious birders" -Oprah Magazine

"Lavish" -People Magazine

"Promises to entertain and enthrall adults and children alike"-Chicago Sun-Times

"Remarkable"-USA Today

"Bird Songs is a significant new learning device for birdwatchers. By bringing digital audio technology to the printed book, you can relate the songs and calls of those birds you see from the comfort of your armchair. This unique and informative tool, combining text, illustrations, and sounds, should be on every coffee table." -Dr Paul Green, Director of Citizen Science, National Audubon Society

December 2006 Book Sense Pick!

Over 230,000 sold!


Listen here
White Bellbird (South America)
Spot-breasted Laughingthrush (Asia)
Greater Potoo (North America)


Discover two hundred of the world's most spectacular birds in Bird Songs from Around the World, the follow-up to the national best-seller Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song. Drawing from the collection of the world-renowned Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this stunning book features a sleek, built-in digital audio player that showcases each bird's song, as well as illustrated portraits and brief descriptions emphasizing the exceptional vocalizations. From the brilliantly plumed Lilac-breasted Roller in Africa to the flamboyant North American Roseate Spoonbill to Asia's Red Avadavat, Bird Songs from Around the World combines approachable information, beautiful art, and high-quality sound in a distinctive, elegant package.

This follow-up book to Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song looks at 200 of the globe's most beautiful birds, telling of their ecology, behavior, and vocalizations. Each species is illustrated with a specatacular original painting by artists David Nurney or Mike Langman, and the book's attached digital audio player plays examples of each bird's vocalizations.

Les Beletsky is a professional bird biologist and natural history writer and editor. For more than 20 years, he has conducted ecological research on birds, concentrating on their vocalizations. He divides his time between Seattle and Whidbey Island, Washington.

Praise for Bird Songs From Around the World, by Les Beletsky:

"Dazzling paintings of 200 of the world’s most interesting birds are matched with true-to-life sound recordings that can be enjoyed at the push of a button. Here’s a coffee-table book to be heard as well as seen!" -- Greg Butcher, Director of Bird Conservation, National Audubon Society

"This worldwide selection is a superb sample of the extraordinary variety of bird vocalizations, each one identified by concise text and a beautiful painting. Sit back and enjoy a journey around the world of birds, by sight and sound."-- Rob Hume, Editor, BIRDS, the magazine of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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