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Interview Opportunity: Dr. Jim Taylor, psychologist and author of Positive Pushing, as seen on The Today Show

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speaki1.jpg (15976 bytes) "Positive Pushing" is Key to "Back to School" Success
Jim Taylor on The Today Show


    As the new school year approaches, parents and children look forward with excitement, hope and fear about how the kids will do in school this year. Parents who wonder about what they can do differently this year to help their children succeed and be happy may want to heed the advice of Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child (Hyperion, 2002), who recently appeared on the Today Show.

     Some parents believe that pushing their children is important so that they can get a good education and achieve success as an adult, but fear that their children may rebel. Other parents believe the experience of a "happy childhood" is more important than achievement, but fear that their children may become unmotivated, self-satisfied, and not do anything with their lives. In his breakthrough book, Dr. Jim Taylor resolves this "either/or" trap showing that success and happiness can go hand-in-hand. He makes the distinction between those children who simply achieve success and those who are successful achievers B children who attain success and also gain happiness in their achievement efforts. Dr. Taylor shows you how to provide your child with a positive, caring, and motivating impetus to seek out success and happiness.

     Dr. Taylor advocates "positive pushing" for parents that is guiding your child's development deliberately and vigorously, but always with a positive message that affirms your love for your child and builds self-esteem. Dr. Taylor says children need to be pushed in order to succeed and be happy. The key is to push in a way that preserves and nurtures the child's well-being.

Here are five "Positive Pushing" tips from Dr. Jim Taylor
for helping your child get ready to go "Back to School":

1. Examine what your values are and make sure you are communicating those values to your child every day in what you say and how you act.

2. Set expectations that emphasize healthy values that will help your child become successful and happy, for example, hard work, responsibility, cooperation, patience, and persistence, rather than expectations that stress grades, results, and other outcomes.

3. Have a life of your own that is meaningful and satisfying. If you have your own life, you won't need to invest yourself excessively in your child's achievements.

4. Help your child find a passion. If they find something they love to do, they will be successful and happy.

5. Allow your child to experience all emotions; don=t assuage, placate, or distract them from their feelings. Help them to identify, understand, and express their emotions in a healthy way.

"The ability of your child to become a successful achiever will be grounded in essential values that you foster in him or her," says Dr. Taylor. "You must learn to act on your values and beliefs, and become a positive, active and purposeful force in your child's life," he advises. "I believe that you should push your child. Not only is it okay, it is your right, responsibility, and your absolute moral imperative as a parent."

Ultimately, Dr. Taylor gives you permission to positively push your child to become a successful achiever and empowers you with useful psychological insights and strategies to guide you in raising your child to be a successful and happy adult.

What They're Saying

There is more common sense and sound advice in this book than I have seen in 40 years of reading on child psychology and parenting strategies. B Warren Witherell, retired teacher, coach, and headmaster

Positive Pushing is what most parents really need. Dr. Taylor's insights into child rearing and achievement hit home with me. So much of what he writes about are issues that parents have to deal with everyday. His book has changed the way I approach encouraging my children to achieve as athletes, performing artists, students, and people. B Tricia Hellman Gibbs, M.D., Family physician, former U.S. Ski Team member, mother of five

ADr. Taylor is to be commended for writing a book that describes clear guidelines for nurturing and reinforcing those skills that will help our children to be happy and successful in life. Parents will find this a valuable resource as they raise children in a very challenging world.@ B Robert Brooks, Ph.D., Co-author, Raising Resilient Children

As a parent, educator, coach, and headmaster, I have been looking for a book that would guide me in helping children become successful and happy. I have finally found that book in Positive Pushing! Everyone associated with raising children should read this book.@ <

Kirk Dwyer, Headmaster, Burke Mountain Academy, East Burke, VT

speaki2.jpg (9504 bytes)Book Reviews

"A positive, useful guide for helping children succeed." B Booklist

"Taylor's thoughtful, clear-eyed approach to a controversial subject will be appreciated by parents raising kids in a competitive world." B Publishers Weekly

"This excellent work is highly recommended for parents, counselors, and especially athletic coaches. Library Journal

Take the "Positive Pushing" Parent Quiz.

For further information, visit:

JIM TAYLOR, PH.D., has consulted with young achievers and their parents in education, sports, and the performing arts for over 17 years. He is the author of several books on achievement and conducts seminars on the subject through North America and Europe. Dr. Taylor lives in San Francisco.

He is the author of Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child (Hyperion 2002), which he discussed on his recent appearance on The Today Show. Dr. Taylor has also appeared on ABC=s World News This Weekend and major TV network affiliates, and has participated in many radio shows. He has been a columnist for The Denver Post. He has been interviewed for articles that have appeared in Family Circle, The Christian Science Monitor, The Miami Herald, The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, The Baltimore Sun, The Denver Post, U.S. News & World Report (forthcoming) and many other newspapers and magazines.

A former nationally ranked alpine ski racer, Dr. Taylor is a 2nd degree black belt in karate, a sub-three-hour marathon runner, and a triathlete.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by telephone. Travel by arrangement. San Francisco and environs.

CONTACT: For further information or to schedule an interview, please call Susannah Greenberg at tel. 212-727-7271; Fax: 212-208-4629; or email.

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