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"Naked In Cyberspace"

Your audience will be shocked by the personal details this guest can unearth about them online ... in just 15 minutes!

"The Gold Standard
for Personal Information"


Journalist, Producer,
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or to request a review copy, contact:
Lisa Wrigley or Tom Hogan, Jr.
Information Today, Inc.
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Naked in Cyberspace makes it painfully clear just how easy it is to find all kinds of information online about you—or anyone else.” —Gina Smith, ABC News

In Naked in Cyberspace, now in its second edition, Carole A. Lane exposes the types of personal records that are available on the Internet and online services. These are the kinds of personal records that most people don't even know exist, let alone suspect that everyone has access to them.  This is an important story that directly concerns every member of your audience, and a subject that guarantees to provoke and fascinate your audience.  Ms. Lane explains how researchers find and use our personal data, she identifies the top sources of information about people, and she offers advice for those worried about what information is out there on the Internet about them.

Lane will show your audience
how to use Internet resources to:

  • Find out what "Prince Charming" is worth

  • Investigate job applicants and business partners

  • Locate an old flame

  • Get an inside track on what competitors are doing
  • Check out a suspicious neighbor’s criminal past

  • Look into bank records and credit reports,

and much, much more.  This is guaranteed to be a fascinating show, a genuine eye-opener for your audience about how they can use the Internet to find out information about others, and how they can keep their own personal information from being revealed.

Raves for Naked in Cyberspace

This is the book your ex-spouse, judgement debtor and worst enemy does not want you to know about.”  Bookman News

Perfect for someone trying to trace a person with whom contact has been lost, or to build a profile of a potential business associate. It is arguably the only essential manual for the work of today’s private investigator.”  —The Electronic Library

A gold mine of sources of Net-based personal information about pretty much anyone.”   —New Scientist

One of the most complete and up-to-date references available for on-line and electronic databases resources. An excellent desk reference to a world of data for investigating, conducting electronic surveillance and gathering intelligence assignments.  —Organizational Research & Technology Services

The first complete guide to the online sources of information about people.”  —The Midwest Book Review

While you ponder the future of public information and privacy, read Naked in Cyberspace.”  —Information Broker

Carole A. Lane has been involved with personal records as a designer of databases and information systems and is principal of her own research firm, TechnoSearch, Inc. She has taught classes on locating personal records online and information brokering and has testified before the Federal Trade Commission and the California Joint Legislative Task Force on Personal Information and Privacy. She is a sought after speaker on research topics and on protecting the confidentiality of personal information in the digital age. She is frequently quoted on privacy issues in the media.  She has appeared on numerous television shows, including Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and The Montel Williams Show, and has written for publications including Time, Money, and The Washington Post

For more information, please visit Information Today or Naked In Cyberspace Website.

For more information or to request a review copy, contact:
Lisa Wrigley or Tom Hogan, Jr.
Information Today, Inc.
800-300-9868 or 609-654-6266